Being an advisor/consultant I am interested in the hidden forces in an organisation. Wether it’s people, motives or processes, I’m convinced they can make or break performance. That’s why I’m focussing on those organisational parts you normally don’t see, since true value is at the back.

I earned my traces in the non profit sector, specializing in youth-related themes. Core question in that field is: how can young people play a relevant role in society (even if they’re not yet valued by others). Projects I worked on are: Youth & Religion, Social Internship (Maatschappelijke Stage), Citizenship Education (Burgerschapsvorming), Student & Labour Market and the consequences of the Dutch Law on Social Support (WMO).

In my spare time I’m hands on involved in social issues, constantly wondering what happens behind the news. A good example is my trip to Lesbos to investigate as an eyewitness the true meaning of the Refugee Crisis and the Dept Cricis in Greece for the people involved. Furthermore I’m studying on Process Management and IT (MSc) and always happy to join you on a sailing trip.

Please feel free to contact me.